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We help people like you!  Those preparing for retirement and those already retired.  But we are very different than other firms in many ways.  You can find a portfolio manager at any of the investment firms but with retirement that is only the beginning.  Here are a few things my thirty-eight years of experience has taught me:

  1. As you approach retirement some of your money needs to be in market but some needs to be safe. All of your eggs in one basket is still not a good idea.
  2. In retirement if you are withdrawing from your investments to support your life style you should never withdraw monthly or quarterly income from your stock bond portfolio.  The volatility of the market will cost you greatly.
  3. Your biggest enemy in retirement is not market crashes but the tax man. We have a system to show you this clearly.
  4. Your estate planning must be done and up to date. The worst way to pass an inheritance to the next generation is via an IRA. You must review your retirement plan at least annually.  Everything keeps changing in this world and it will cost you.




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